Barcelona Boutique Hotels - the Alrternative Barcelona

We love these boutique Barcelona hotels.  Cool and hip for sure but most importantly, beautiful, interesting places to stay with people who are going to make your heart sing.  All of them are in great locations for exploring Barcelona. If you want a Barcelona boutique hotel here they are:

$$$ – Está de muerte! you deserve this you really do!

$$ – These places are amazing, bohemian luxury at its best and the prices are pretty, pretty good too!

$ – I can’t believe these are so cool & check out the price! We love you Alternative Barcelona.

We curate and then partner with to bring you the best deals.  You’re welcome! 

Casa Fuster is beautiful.  A modernist masterpiece sitting at the top of the stunning Passeig De Gracia.

You love Jazz? They host some of the best jazz musicians in town (Woody Allen played here but they may not be too keen to promote this now…) and the Restaurant Galaxo is to die for whilst the terrace is cooler than the Aperol Spritz you can sip whilst congratulating yourself on a good hotel choice. 

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